Thursday, November 13, 2008

A good Hybrid Project

I posted these on my family blog and thought I would post them here too! So, if you frequent both of them, please forgive the repeat!

So last week we had a little party for our primary class. I wanted to give them something and have them do a craft. I solved both problems with this great hybrid project. I made one for each of them. I did the girls with a little embellishment, but didn't want to go overboard on the boys. Here is some examples:

If you want to make one yourself, this is what I did. I got some wood from the wood connection and designed an image in PS and had them printed at costco. ( I put 6 on a page 12X18 for $3) Then we cut them out and had the kids modge-podge them on and then mosgepodged over the picture. After they dried I stapled a ribbon to the top and tied a bow over the staple so you couldn't see it. Viola! Way cute sign for anybody!
(Credits: Girls, Happily Ever After from Nitwit collection Boys, GDS Colab Kit:get ready for Spring)

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