Monday, May 4, 2009

Playing Catch Up

When I printed out my scrapbook pages last week or so I realized that I was missing some big events, like Christmases and Birthdays etc. I realized that I never scrap these big events, they scare me. I want them to be so perfect, and I have so many pictures, but I don't want a ton of pages either. So, I just skip them.

This month, my goal is to get caught up. I looked through my scrapbook and I am filling in the blanks! Here is what I started with.

Above LO using Can I be Frank from Nitwit CollectionsAbove and below Lo using a template from Haynay and Batty for you by GG designs

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My first Clone!!!

I am sure you have all taken a picture and there is something in the background you wish wasn't there! I have tried so many times to use the clone tool and make it look good. It never does, I get frustrated and move on. But, check out what I did.

Here is a picture of my mom and dad on our cruise last year. My mom is so mad that I put this picture up, but, I like it and I don't have many of them together, so I needed to make it work. They are standing in front of a beautiful background, only you can't see it because there is a giant light post behind them.
Using the clone tool in photoshop I took that ugly post out so we could see the beautiful mountain and ocean behind them. I am so proud of this it is now hanging on my wall until my mom and dad provide me with a better pic ;)
What I have learned about photoshop is you just have to practice. I have been using it now for over a year and I just got this to work for me. But I LOVE it! Can't wait to clone something else now!

Happy (inter) National Scrapbook Day!!!

I have finished some LO's that I made using my new kits from Haynay. They are so fun!
This LO is using all her stuff from her NSD grab Bag. Everything is on sale this weekend, so go check it out!!
This LO is using her kit Sweet Pea!
This is from Just the Right Medicine!
Now let me say this... if this is your first National Scrapbook Day... you are in for a treat!!! There are freebies galore and deals to be had! I would definately check out the Blog Train at SM and all their kits are on sale with a super cute kit free with $15 purchase too! Start the Blog train here.