Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back to School FREE Printables

If you are like me you are busy buying new clothes, school supplies, stocking the fridge with healthy snacks and anxiously awaiting the start of a new school year.

I love back to school.  I love the excitement of having a fresh start.  The anticipation of finding out who the teachers will be.  And... I will admit, I even love the shopping!

I also, have a part of me that gets a little teary... a new year means a new grade, a year older, and I just long for my baby to stay little for longer.  I want time to stand still. I know all too well that this just doesn't last long enough!

Last year I made a cute sign to take a pic on the first day of school.  I simply printed it, mounted it on a colored card stock and snapped the pics!  I even kept it hanging up with out chore chart for most of the year!  Then on the last day of school I took more pics with a new sign... It was so fun to compare.

Here are the FREE printables I promised.  More grades coming soon.

For FIRST grade click HERE:

For SECOND grade click HERE:

For THIRD grade click HERE:

For FOURTH grade click HERE:

For FIFTH grade click HERE:

For SIXTH grade click HERE:

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