Thursday, February 3, 2011

I have been MIA

My poor scrapping blog has taken a back seat for over a year!  It is still decorated for fall from 2009!  I have not been MIA but I have rearranged my priorities a little.  Shortly after my last post my mom passed away very unexpectedly, she was only 56.  After that I focused on the more important things in life and let myself heal and grieve etc.  I am back in the scrapping mood.  While I want to share a little of the pages I have made over the last... while... I don't have time to re-do my blog and make it pretty and up to date.  So please enjoy this cute fall background, after all... fall is my favorite time of year so it is fitting that this decor stays.  

I hope these help inspire you and that I will have more to share soon.  
Until then... Happy Scrapping!


Linnae said...

Your pages are adorable and they make me want to scrap but there is still so much I need and want to learn. I don't want to start my pages until I know everything because I don't want to hate my beginning digi scrapbook pages like I hate my beginning paper scrapbook pages. But so glad you shared your creativeness and the fall blog still looks great!

The King's said...

Yeah you're back :)