Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hybrid Happiness

I told we that I have been up to some Hybrid stuff and I finally got the pics off the camera so I could post.
This is a gum wrapper that I made for a card exchange at my work. I put bubble gum in there. Yum! Smells good. I used Celebration Kit by GG Designs.

Cute huh! Well... I even thought that a gift card would fit inside this so perfectly for those friends that you like more than $1 worth. (don't get your hopes up friends ;)

I had so much fun making the Birthday Wrapper that I made a TEMPLATE! You got that right! You could have one of these too, and it would take maybe 15 minutes to personalize and print! This will be the first thing that I sell of my digi-scrap stuff!! Look for the paypal button coming soon, or email me and I can email you the link.
Here is another one that I made using my new template!!! I used GG Designs Trooper Kit for this one. I gave these to the scout leader in our pack that went to the Day Camp with the boys. It Says: "Thanks for all the EXTRA things you do!" And yes, I did in fact, put Extra gum inside! The possibilities are endless!

One last thing really quick... I am also in a card group with some ladies in the neighborhood and they are INCREDIBLE!! So I always feel like I have to raise that bar when I make cards for this group! Here is the one I did for this month. They always know mine will be digital somehow. This is just a simple bird on a branch that says: Hello There (my ds favorite line from the movie Up.) The bird is from Kay Miller and I can't remember what kit the branch is from (sorry). I even "chalked" the edges digitally!! Woot! Woot! I printed out the front and mounted it on some card stock, tied a ribbon, and viola! Super Cute Card!
Check back soon for the link to grab your template!!!

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Sarah P said...

The branch is from Jady Day Studio from her National Park Fun kit.