Friday, July 24, 2009

New Look

Happy Pioneer Day to my fellow Utahn's! Hope you are enjoying the festivities today!

This blog has definitely been neglected lately. I have been doing a lot of hybrid projects that I still need to post pics me, I think they are worth the wait. I have started designing again and have a super kit that is almost finished! It needs a few more finishing touches and then you will see it here for the first time hopefully within the week!

To get ready for all these new posts I decided the blog needed a new look. What do you think? I used the Bright Blogwear by Haynay available here at Scrap Matters! It was super easy to do and SUPER cute! If you have hesitated personalizing your blog because HTML codes scare you...y a blogwear kit, they are fool-proof!

Thanks for stopping in! Look forward to some new things soon!


Sarah P said...

Cute!! Makes me want to update mine. Did you get it for being on her CT?

Stacy said...

Very cute! Hey - scrap for hire - I'm willing to buy your lunch/dinner for a new update :) Please take me up on it. I would love to chat and visit again!